Camp Dreamers.

Camp of Dreams is devoted to bringing uplifting, engaging, free educational and cultural enrichment programs to young people who would otherwise go without. We do so during the hours in which our youth are typically unengaged and needing meaningful interaction. Our year-round approach includes two main areas of programming: Overnight summer camp for a weekend in July, Community Days (2 Saturdays per month) and After School during the school-year. Our project as a whole brings a wide range of activities to our participants: Academics, Visual and Performing Arts, Mind and Body, Health and Wellness, and Civic Engagement. And in all of our activities, our young people learn about accountability: following through with themselves, their fellow participants, and their broader community.

We are currently recruiting Dreamers for our programs. Any child who is aged at least 8 years old (or completed 3rd grade) and has parental permission will be considered for enrollment at Camp of Dreams. Interested youth are encouraged to apply during any session day or on the 1st Community Day Saturday of each quarter of classes. Fall Ouarter: September 7, 2013 Winter Quarter: December 14, 2013, Spring Quarter: March 8, 2014

Last Community Day of 2013-14 is May 31st at 10:00am

Join us on May 31st at 10:00am for final informational session on our Summer Camp which will be hosted at Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter School (8 West Root Street) from June 23 through July 11th, cost only $150.

Summer Camp Flyer: click here (PDF)

Camperships are available to income-eligible campers. You may qualify for a tax break if you send a child age 12 or younger to a day camp as it is considered a qualified expense for the child and dependent care tax credit. Parents can claim up to $3,000 in unreimbursed expenses for a child per year depending on income. Hope to see you at Summer Day Camp 2014!

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What's New

Dreamfest 2014
Thursday, April 24th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
Chicago Artists Coalition
217 N Carpenter St, Chicago, IL Advance Donation: $75

For additional information and to purchase tickets,click here

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Summer Day Camp Begins June 23rd, Register Today!

Camp of Dreams is looking for youth (ages 8-14) for our Summer Day Camp program! Explore your interests, make new friends, and be a Dreamer! Monday through Friday, June 23 - July 11, from 8:45am to 4:00pm. Hosted at Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter School which is located at 8 West Root Street. Hope to see you there!